Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Base boys clothes

On Friday Nate and I were invited to an event in Base Boys at Westfield in Stratford, we arrived a little late and were quickly shown to the stock room where there were nibbles, drinks and a rail of clothes. After we'd sat down we were given some information about the background of Base and where there other stores are located. Then we were shown some of the lovely clothes they stock and how to combine them together to make great outfits.

Some interesting things I learnt at the event: Base also has a girls store, they stock clothes from newborn size to 16 year size and they stock Gucci clothes for boys. 

I'd love to have stayed for longer in the store however, as the picture above shows Nate wasn't in a great mood (he was still recovering from being ill) so I didn't get to look for as long as I'd like. They stock some beautiful shirts for young boys and loads of jeans in nearly every label you could imagine.

While we were there we chose an outfit, Nate chose the lovely Moschino Dinosaur T-shirt and we managed to get the last one in his size (there were lots in the baby sizes). I chose a pair of short beige chinos by Tommy Hilfiger which go well with his T-shirt but would also suit a lovely shirt such as this. Thanks to the Base team for inviting us and for taking the time to show us some lovely clothes.

Disclaimer: we were given some money toward our outfit in return for a review of the event.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Tongue twister

Yesterday we went to Stratford Westfield. We didn't quite make it to the Olympic Park. However, there was a tongue twister event going on there it's there again today and tomorrow.  

The purpose of the event is to make you think about your senses and how they work for you while you are eating. We visited the smell room first. 

Before you go into the room they test you to find out what sort of taster you are: non-taster, medium or super taster. Nate is a medium taster and I'm a super taster. 
Once in the smell room they explain the link between our sense of smell and taste. You are then given some jelly beans and put your head in the huge trumpets to smell various scents while eating your jelly bean. 

The next room is the sight room, where you are invited to try various coloured juices. The colours do not match the flavours which was odd for some of the flavours, it really confused your brain. 

If you have the chance to pop over to Westfield Stratford, it's worth it to try the tongue twister. 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Day trip to France.

On Wednesday we went on a day trip to France and Belgium. We took the Eurotunnel over so it was an early start to get to Folkestone. To keep Nate busy I packed some Lego, Kindle and a drawing pad with pens. However, as we were up early he slept for most of the way. 

Driving on the wrong side wasn't nearly as bad as people tell you. Our first stop was Lille where we stopped to have a drink and a snack. There are loads of places to see in Lille as we only had a day to fit in as much as we could we stuck in the centre and then visited the big shopping centre, Euralille. 

After lunch, our next stop was Ypres which was only a 40 minute drive and had a very different feel. While driving it wasn't clear when you cross over from France to Belgium. Once again Ypres is a beautiful town we spent most of our time wandering around the town and having a look in chocolate shops. 

Of course no trip to Ypres is complete without visiting the Menin gate. As we had a Eurotunnel crossing to get to we couldn't stay for the last post, but we did spend a little time looking at all the names.

All in all our day trip to France was very enjoyable and having a few things to do in the car made all the driving easier as Nate was occupied. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Portable North Pole

Christmas is just over a week away and Christmas here is not complete without the lovely video from the Portable North Pole. In the past we have always gone for the free video as Nate was too young to really understand it, although he has always enjoyed it. This year we were offered the chance to review it by receiving the premium service.

The first difference I noticed from the free version was the amount of personalisation which was lovely, for those with siblings there was the option of adding names to the book. There was also the option to upload up to five pictures, there was a spot for uploading a picture of your house.

As part of the premium video package, I could also download the video which is perfect for us as Nate has a habit of asking to watch things especially when there is no internet connection. I have two videos downloaded both the classic which was perfect as a before bed treat and the premium which is slightly longer at 5 minutes 12 seconds over the 2 minutes 22 seconds of the free version. Under the premium video options there are three different videos to choose from, at the minute Nate has only seen the Secret Places one where you see the elves working.

This year PNP also bought out an app which has a children's corner, where there is an advent calendar and the ability for the children to view their videos. Nate has particularly enjoyed the advent calendar as each day gives you a different activity of course his favourite activities are the noisy ones.

To receive 20% off a purchase at Portable North Pole use this code: BLG20BKP.

After seeing the difference between the premium service and the free, next year we will be using the premium as the older Nate gets the more he enjoys the PNP videos.

disclaimer: I was given the premium package in return for this review.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Maker faire Elephant and Castle

In November there was a make faire at UAL, a maker faire is predominately a geeky fair with lots of electronics about. I have a bit of an interest in the computing specifically ways of controlling computers. 

However, yesterday we went for Nate's enjoyment. The first thing we came across was Bare Conductive. They use conductive paint to make circuits on cards and more recently have created a board that you can programme to do a whole host of things. One of the projects they had on show was a guitar.

The next was Primo, who make the cubetto robot. I was hoping to see this is action and was not disappointed. Nate happily played with it and wanted to solve the problems that were thrown at him. They use arrows to show which way the cube will travel in meaning that it is suitable for young children. However, I'd suggest playing on the floor so when they get the arrows the wrong way around, the robot won't fall off the surface. 

The last thing that has Nate playing until he was forced to stop was Electro Dough. Electro dough uses home made play doh to create electric circuits. We really enjoyed putting as many leds in the dough as the battery could light. It was surprising how I only had to explain to once to Nate that the LED's legs had to be in two different balls to create a circuit. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lush favourites

I have always been a Lush fan and now it seems Nate is a fan. Nate has his own special way of choosing which bath bomb he wants. He gives each bath bomb a sniff and the one he wants he kisses. 

As part of our Christmas tradition, Nate is given a bath product (normally a bath bomb) in his Christmas Eve present. 

This year he caught a sneaky peek at the bath bombs and asked nicely if he could have the Santa one. 

It looks good enough to eat. 

With the spring range just out I can't wait to see which one he choses as his favourite. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Advent Calendar biscuits

Last year I made Nate an Advent calendar and I've been thinking about what to put in this years one. The stickers and a chocolate went down well last year.

While looking around for ideas, I came across the Mason Cash, advent biscuit cutter and moulds in Lakeland. I decided to buy it and so we spent this weekend making the biscuits to test it out. 

Everything you need except ingredients is in the box. There are five different recipes within the box, with a Christmas theme. 

At first I rolled the dough out a little too thick and so wasn't going to have enough dough for 24 biscuits. 

The biscuit cutter is perfect for little hands with its handle, none of the dough got stuck in the cutter which is sometimes a worry with the enclosed cutters.

Making the chocolate. 

The finished biscuits were lovely, we made the cinnamon shortbread biscuits and were nearly all eaten as soon as the chocolate had set on top of them.